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About the Department


The department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations studies the work life in connection with social policy, jurisprudence, economics, sociology, psychology and political science. The department gives an inter-disciplinary education in the fields of social policy, labor relations and human resources management.


Alongside the economics, public finance, jurisprudence, managerial and administrative subjects, a theory and practice based education is given with courses in the areas of mathematics, statistics, basic and comparative social policy, social security, social issues, income distribution and poverty, urbanisation and environmental problems, industrial relations, industrial democracy, labor unionism, employer-worker relations, human resources practices, wages, employment, career management, productivity, strategic human resource management  and civil and collective law.


Alongside the undergraduate education M.A. degrees are offered in the fields of "Labor Relations and Human Resources Management" and "Social Policy" with thesis and no thesis options.



Our Mission


Keeping track of the developments in Turkey and in the world, giving the society individuals equipped with global knowledge and skills and who are developed socially. We develop our courses with an interdisciplinary approach and update them with the sectoral developments. We perform our courses with the help of the latest technology and with the work life applicability in mind so that our graduates can have analytical thinking, strategy determination, problem solving and good decision making skills.


Our Vision


To be acknowledged nationally and internationally with its academic achievements and education successes, the deparment aims to be among the best in Labor Economics and Indsutrial Relations with its thriving and sharing character.



Work Opportunities of the Graduates


The department graduates are able to work as specialists, auditors and advisors at the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, labor unions, employers unions, local governments, NGOs and international institutions. In the private sector, the graduates are able to work in the human resources departments and other fields related to their education.  Due to their education they have the advantage of founding private employment bureaus.



The Privilege of the Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Department


The department has a one year optional English prep class. Also, many optional courses are given in English. One of the major employment opportunities for our graduates is the personnel department. These departments have become important as a result of sectoral developments and it is called the human resources department in companies that give a central place to individuals. The Human Resources Programs have come to the agenda of academic circles as a popular branch. Our department gives its students important advantages after graduation because it stresses both social policy and human resources. The department develops manager candidates on a wide range of subjects and the success of the students in work life is directly related to their efforts in personal development and field activities.